William, or Bill as he is known to family and friends, is a former geologist and serves as the Lead Trustee for the Graustein Memorial Fund. Bill also launched the Community Leadership Program (CLP) through the Graustein Family Office and is now a Senior Advisor for the program. CLP builds the community’s capacity to work inclusively to imagine its future and to act effectively and compassionately to bring that vision into being. Learn more about CLP here.


Lisa is a public school teacher, gay rights activist, artist, and member of our Board of Trustees. She is a facilitator with Beyond Diversity 101, which offers workshops that expose, stimulate and transform the dynamics of diversity at the root level. Learn more about BD101 here.

Check out Lisa’s presentation, From Genocide to Generational Continuity: Frames for Understanding and Transforming Educationon how the process of genocide – actual and symbolic – is woven into the fabric of our nation’s key institutions, including our education system. 

Other work by Lisa: