Photo of R. David Addams

R. David Addams

Executive Director

“As we seek ways we can support the children with the least resources and advantages in their journey to fulfill their potential, we ask what has been holding back or impeding that from happening. Our historical and social analyses say that race and class still play huge roles...

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Photo of Sheena Strawter-Anthony

Sheena Strawter-Anthony

Director of Impact Investment Strategy

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Photo of Margarita Lucia Alvarez

Margarita Lucia Alvarez

Program Officer

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Photo of Malwin Davila

Malwin Davila

Program Officer

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Photo of Dave Martin

Dave Martin

Program Officer

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Photo of Patti Faustini

Patti Faustini

Director of Operations and the Executive Office

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Photo of Dr. William (Billy) Johnson

Dr. William (Billy) Johnson

Director of Educational Strategy

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Photo of Viviana O'Connor

Viviana O'Connor

Administrative Assistant

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Photo of Raquel Santiago-Martinez

Raquel Santiago-Martinez

Director of Finance and Administration

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Photo of Carmen Siberon

Carmen Siberon

Senior Program Officer

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Photo of conference room


Due to COVID-19 concerns, the two meeting rooms will be closed until further notice. Requests for these rooms will also be closed during this time.

We appreciate your understanding and we anticipate reopening the rooms under proper CDC guidelines in the future. Thank you and stay safe.

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The Archives contain information about the Discovery initiative and previous grant opportunities related our previous mission.

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