As an organization committed to achieving equity in education, we give priority to the following work to Advance Educational Equity:

  • Anti-racism curriculum work and teacher training
  • Equitable early childhood education system
  • Equitable school climate (including efforts addressing disproportionate discipline and over-policing, exclusionary language practice, etc.)
  • Equitable school financing
  • Recruiting teachers of color

We also take into consideration the broader ecosystem in which education operates, and provide support to groups working to advance equity in the following social determinants (i.e., issues directly related to  education):   

  • Criminal Justice
  • Economic Justice
  • Health Equity
  • Housing Equity
  • Immigration Justice


Technical Assistance Support for Current Equity Program Grantee Partners 


In an effort to support the disruptive and transformative work that leads to equity in education the Memorial Fund has designed a Technical Assistance (TA) request process for current Equity Program grantee partners. This TA support is intended to enhance technical skills, expand social networks and strengthen organizational stability, especially when resources are not available through existing grant. Memorial Fund Equity Program Grant Partners can request up to $4,000 of TA support annually for:

A. Training and Skill Building: this type of request is meant to enhance or provide additional professional development opportunities for paid and volunteer staff, engaged leaders (parents, youth, community), and board members to build skills, and for specialized knowledge.

B. Coaching: this type of request is meant to cover or offset the cost of one-to-one coaching support with field experts or process experts.  Grantees will choose coaches at their own discretion based on the needs of their organization. 

C. Organizational Development: this type of request is meant to support the long-term development of the grantee group’s structure, and capacity. This may include supporting process facilitators for reflection and planning efforts or support to help build and stabilize the group's infrastructure.

D. Healing and wellness: this type of request is meant to support efforts that address the well-being of grantee paid and volunteer staff, engaged leaders (parents, youth, community), and board members directly involved the work.

Key review and decision making will consider:

•Relevance to efforts described in your grant Memorandum of Agreement

•Alignment with Memorial Fund’s mission and Program Focus Areas

•Availability of limited TA resources

•Request for work that has already been completed or work that you have proposed to complete as part of your current grant will not be considered

•Extent to which the requested TA is time-limited and not part of ongoing day-to-day operations

This is not a grant. If approved, the Memorial Fund will pay the selected TA provider’s invoices directly or reimburse for expenses paid by the grantee. 

If you are an Equity Program Grantee, please contact your Program Officer for more information about how to request TA support.