The structure of family philanthropy is not always intuitive or obvious to the public. Most families with impressive resources are spontaneously generous or responsive to social and community needs. Many wealthy families set up organizations such as foundations or family offices to provide an administrative and legal structure and/or process for managing philanthropic and charitable giving.


Some families only have a family office or a foundation. Some have both like the Graustein family. In instances where both entities exist, there can be confusion or ambiguity as to which entity does what. There may also be uncertainty about how a potential applicant or community partner approaches either or both. In the case of the Graustein family, the Memorial Fund is the foundation that provides grant opportunities to primarily 501(c)3 organizations that work toward equity in education in Connecticut and the Family Office is a separate entity that provides monetary donations to a wider array of organizations across a variety of issue areas in Connecticut. Some family offices and foundations operate on an invitation-only basis. The Memorial Fund and the Graustein Family Office do not.


Please visit the Grantmaking page for information about grant opportunities with the Memorial Fund and our online application process.  For more information about donation opportunities with the Family Office please contact Fahd Vahidy. For questions specifically about the Community Leadership Program (CLP), which is a program administered through the Graustein Family Office, please inquire here. If you are unsure whether to contact the Memorial Fund or the Family Office, please call Viviana at (203)230-3330 to leave a message and the appropriate person will respond to you.


The Memorial Fund and the Graustein Family Office are committed to transparency and improving communications with our partners and the broader community. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions and concerns.