Introducing the Funders for Family Leadership

Memorial Fund team member Margarita Alvarez is part of the team that created the Funders for Family Leadership’s Philanthropic Self-Reflection Tool for Equitable Parent Partnership. FFL is a learning community dedicated to transforming philanthropic practice to equitably partner with and center family leaders so that systems change is led by their expertise and lived experiences.

In the work with parents, FFL realized that the journey towards authentic partnership and equitable collaboration is an ongoing process. FFL recently launched the Philanthropic Self-Reflection Tool for Equitable Parent Partnership, a result of a partnership with the United Parent Leaders Action Network (UPLAN). It provides a framework for reflections, continuous self-improvement, and organizational growth.

Margarita is a member of our Program Implementationmargarita_alvarez.jpg Team. She is most enthusiastic about efforts that will support lifting the voices of marginalized parents, especially Hispanic/Latinx parents with limited or no English proficiency.

She obtained her master’s degree in Sociology from Southern Connecticut State University. Her thesis research focused on parent involvement.