Justice for Immigrant and Asylum-seeking Families

Reunify families.

Stop the incarceration of migrant children.

End all zero-tolerance policies.

The William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund supports the demand for justice for immigrant and asylum-seeking families detained and separated at the U.S. border. We call for the immediate reunification of the over 2,000 children separated from their families and an end to the zero tolerances policies that have created this inhumane reality.

The right to seek asylum is protected by international and federal law. Children should not be punished for their parents’ attempts to secure them a safe place to live. Militarized separation of children from their parents, incarcerating children, and failing to provide children with responsible medical and competent care cause trauma and have lasting impacts on both the social-emotional well-being of children and on their brain development.

Children must be reunited with their parents and families, the separation of children from their families must stop, and the U.S. government must provide the resources to help these families begin to heal from the violence we have caused them. We call on all civic and elected leaders to actively do everything in their power to reunify families, stop the incarceration of migrant children, end all zero-tolerance policies, and to stop prosecuting the act of migration and asylum-seeking.