Who can I contact to ask questions about the application? 

Email your questions to: appquestion@wcgmf.org or reach out to our Grants Manager Rachel at (203) 230-3330.  Please note that all applications in our Equity Program Focus Areas are by invitation only.  

If you do not receive an award this year, does it disqualify you from future opportunities? 

Applicants may be considered in future funding rounds.  However, our Funding Guidelines are not likely to change substantially from year-to-year.

How long are the grant periods? 

Grants will be awarded for a 12 month period.  

What are the reporting requirements for this grant? 

The reporting requirement will include semi-annual fiscal reporting as well as an in-person and written report (format to be determined).

Are there still funding opportunities availble?  

Our Program Focus Areas funding is by invitation only. Please also check out our Additional Grant & Support Opportunities.