David Addams

“As we seek ways we can support the children with the least resources and advantages in their journey to fulfill their potential, we ask what has been holding back or impeding that from happening. Our historical and social analyses say that race and class still play huge roles in determining how resources are distributed and who succeeds and who does not. Although disadvantaged families and communities have been navigating these obstacles and overcoming them for generations (if not centuries), we ask do they have to do so forever.”

David is Executive Director of the William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund, where he has worked with the dynamic team of staff and trustees to transform our mission, strategy and culture in service to responding to these challenging times and persistent structural barriers of racism and poverty.

He spent his early career as an attorney and a specialist in negotiation, mediation, and conflict resolution. Over the last 20 years, he has served in various nonprofit management positions including Executive Director of the Oliver Scholars Program, Executive Director of Associated Black Charities and Vice President of the New York Urban League. David was also Deputy Manhattan Borough President and Chief of Staff at the Manhattan Borough President's Office, Deputy Director of the New York Civil Liberties Union and Director of Affiliate Diversity and Strategic Initiatives for the American Civil Liberties Union. He served as a Visiting Distinguished Professor of Public Policy and Administration at Brooklyn College and an adjunct professor of public policy and law at Brooklyn College Graduate Center, City College of New York's Center for Legal Education and City University of New York Law School at Queens College.

David received his BA magna cum laude from Princeton University, his MSJ from Columbia University School of Journalism and his JD from Columbia University School of Law.

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