Community Leadership Program

Since you’ve taken the time learn about CLP, we imagine that you’re already among the many who want to create better possibilities for New Haven. What if you could work effectively and joyfully with others to create the community you desire? What if you could better link your work to the resources in our community? What if you could fully manifest the values that are most important to you? CLP exists to turn these desires into reality.

CLP builds our community’s capacity to work inclusively to imagine its future and to act effectively and compassionately to bring that vision into being. We believe that the vitality of a community and development of its leaders are closely linked. As participants build their awareness of the influence they are having on others, they begin to realize the connections between their own stories, their actions, and the creation of a robust community.

We work on a model of leadership that’s not defined by positional authority, but rather by the promise of contributing and creating community together. If you’re interested in creating a better future for New Haven and are eager to work towards something larger than yourself, we think you have what it takes to be part of CLP, and we invite and encourage you to apply.