The Memorial Fund is currently providing Exploratory Grants to support us as we work to learn, grow and identify partners to advance our mission: “to achieve equity in education by working with those affected and inspiring all to end racism and poverty."

For more information about our grantees from 2001-present, search by Grantee Name, Grant Year, and/or Grant Program.

Current Grant Programs

Exploratory Grants are being offered as part of our learning phase to support the work of those who seek to engage in one or more of our strategic approaches within the areas of Co-creating Equity and Inspiring Equity.

Director’s Discretionary Fund provides modest support for special community projects.

Past Grant Programs

Discovery Community grants are made to collaborative groups within the existing 52 Discovery communities. Collaboration, community engagement, and parent involvement are core values in Discovery work.

Discovery Statewide and Regional grants are made to a statewide and regional network of communities, organizations and parent groups that work advance local and statewide policy on behalf of young children and their families.

Educational Improvement grants support district-wide instructional improvement, leadership among superintendents, principals and teachers primarily through a long-standing partnership with the Connecticut Center for School Change.

Knowledge Development grants are made to support learning of and with local, state, and national partners on issues related to the mission, strategies and activities of the Memorial Fund.

Membership Grants are made to several membership organizations that provide information, research and resources that encourage our work.

The Corinne G. Levin Education Fund’s mission is to enhance access to and the quality of education for all children by supporting the creation and growth of partnerships between parents and educators.